Instructional Design Models

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Here’s an awesome link with short descriptions of popular instructional design models for online courses and learning activities in general. The models are different, and there is even Bloom’s Taxonomy listed, which to me  is not literally a model, but a very useful classification of verbs describing learning activities. Don’t forget to check out the […]

Flipped Classroom: How to make sure the students watch the video?

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Recently I had a chat with an art professor. We talked about e-learning and Flipped Classroom. He said »You know, my colleague sometimes says, let’s flip our classrooms! But then, we have to hope that the students watch the videos.« I said that hope is not enough. You have to make sure they watch them. It’s not […]

Flipped Classroom: Wie erreiche ich, dass die Studierenden vorbereitet erscheinen?

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Kürzlich traf ich einen Kunst-Professor der Universität San Francisco. Wir kamen auf das Thema E-Learning zu sprechen. Er meinte, einer seiner Kollegen wolle ihn überzeugen, seinen Kurs im Flipped Classroom Modus anzubieten. Er sagte, “Da kannst du dann nur noch hoffen, dass die Videos auch geschaut werden”. Ich meinte, hoffen sei zu wenig. Er müsse […]

Five Stages of Online Learning and Teaching

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Recently I discovered the question on Quora: „How to get started with developing an online course?“ To my astonishment the question has remained unanswered for more than two years. So I started thinking about it and remembered Gilly Salmon’s famous model of the 5 stages of online learning and teaching. When I design a new online […]